Online Classes

Online SAT & ACT Summer Camp

The 11th Annual SAT/ACT Summer Camp is a low-cost, affordable opportunity for students to receive the preparation necessary for success on the SAT and/or ACT. Test familiarity, process, and content are all covered with great depth, and based on the past ten years of conducting this camp, we know the outcome will be very beneficial for our students regarding both their test scores as well as their overall education.

What we will cover:

  • Test content (i.e. what’s on it)
  • Test-taking approach (i.e. HOW to take the tests)
  • Timing
  • Answering questions in a logical order (as opposed to answering them numerically)
  • Reading, Math, English Grammar/Style, and general thinking skills necessary for success (we will practice these thoroughly)
  • Preparation for the test: how to effectively use printed and web-based resources to prepare for the tests
  • Playing the numbers game: strategizing on how to take the test based on the desired score
  • Assisting students in understanding their score(s)
  • Educating students on the score(s) they need for admission to a variety of colleges and universities, both in-state as well as out-of-state
  • Helping students strategize on how best to improve their score(s) (i.e. focusing on a particular subtest as opposed to working on the whole test)


The following is a listing of the weeks and times we will be offering the camp sessions.  AM Sessions will last from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, and PM Sessions will last from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.  Virtual attendance is priced at only $99 for the week, and the tickets for that may be purchased at Zoom’s website.  To register, simply find the session you wish to attend below and click on the link.

July 13 – 16

7/13 – 7/16 AM Session, Virtual Attendance via Zoom

7/13 – 7/16 PM Session, Virutal attendance via Zoom

July 20 – 23

7/20 – 7/23 AM Session: Virtual attedance via Zoom

7/20 – 7/23 PM Session: Virtual attendance via Zoom

July 27 – 30

7/27 – 7/30 PM Session: Virtual Attendance via Zoom

7/27 – 7/30 PM Session: Virtual attendacne Zoom

August 3 – 6

8/3 – 8/6 AM Session: Virtual attendance via Zoom

8/3 – 8/6 PM Session: Virtual Attendance via Zoom

August 10 – 13

8/10 – 8/13 AM Session: Virtual attendance via Zoom

8/10 – 8/13 PM Session: Virtual attendance via Zoom

Online SAT/ACT Prep Classes

Accessing the best SAT/ACT prep has never been easier! Our classes are conveniently offered via Zoom, and each class is ONLY $15!  Registration is conducted via Zoom (payments are processed via PayPal).  To register for a class, click on the appropriate link below:

June 18th: ACT Math, Geometry

June 23rd: ACT Grammar

June 25th: ACT Reading

June 30th: ACT Science

July 2nd: ACT Math, Algebra

Only want to focus on one portion of the SAT/ACT? Then join us only for the nights in which we cover that material!

The freedom to choose what you need and when you need it is now here, so pick-up a class pass of your choosing and let’s get started working towards achieving the SAT/ACT score you need to make your college dreams a reality!