“The preparation for college admissions tests offered by Mr. Anderson and Mr. Sullivan is comparable to none, and truly give students not only the competence to master the tests, but the confidence to perform to the best of their abilities. The writing, grammar, and reading skills needed for these tests enforced by Mr. Anderson enhance the critical thinking needed to master the test regardless of the prompt or passage. The math skills taught by Mr. Sullivan expedite the time needed to answer all the questions correctly and are beneficial for any math class in the future, including ones in college. The preparation given does not only ensure the skills needed for these tests, but are applicable for future courses. With a depth and breadth of knowledge of these tests and how they are scored, they share their “secrets” for achieving the score needed to not only gain admission into your desired school, but earn a plethora of scholarships. With the knowledge I gained preparing with them, I felt very confident and relaxed taking college admissions tests and was able to do my best. I went into the exam feeling like I had a strategy that would lead to the score I wanted, and that strategy worked. Feeling confident and prepared is half the battle and the key to achieving success on college admissions tests, and the services offered by Mr. Anderson and Mr. Sullivan ensure this feeling.”

Zoie Horecny

“Thank you Tim Anderson for your help preparing me for the SAT. My initial goal was PalmettoFellows. With your help, especially with testing strategies, I was able to not only achieve my initial score, but also score in the top 94% of students in the nation! I now have many more opportunities available to me.”

Claire Stephan

“Tim is the best because he sees what you aren’t so good at and works to make it a strength. I got into my number one college because of his help. Tim is amazing.”

Sean Trahan

“I highly recommend Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Anderson to anyone looking to learn the SAT, mathematics or the intricacies of the English language. I have never met any two individuals who know the material and strategies as well as these two men do. They will cover every possible topic and cover them well. I can honestly say that these two men played a monumental role in getting me to where i am today. They are two of the most genuine and respected individuals I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. I can guarantee that you will say the same when you learn from them too.”

Caleb Bagley